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From the top of the Main Mast of the Endeavour Replica, sailing away from Endeavour Reef near Cooktown, far North Queensland on Saturday July 8, 1995. The original HMS Endeavour struck this reef around 11, on the night of June 11, 1770.

Welcome to a new updated edition of the Malolo Lailai to Brooklyn and Beyond web site. This site was produced for a print publishing subject undertaken at the University of Wollongong, for the Communication & Cultural Studies (CCS) program during the Autumn session of 1998. The end result was a self published, forty one page A4 hardcover book comprising of a non fiction pictorial of my sailing experiences during the 1990's. This particular site was produced with the content from that print project for an electronic publishing subject in the following session.
Ed Kuepper in 1996, playing at the University of Wollongong Tavern.
Factors of page layout and the Macintosh platform were relatively new and a lack of experience in these areas added to the challenge of meeting the deadline. Having never used PageMaker only added further pressure and binding by hand was only commenced ten minutes before the book was handed in for marking. Somehow it all come together and the end result was quite pleasing.
Walshes Pyramid just south of Cairns in far North Queensland, August 1997.
As for the photographic content, I have worked as professional photographer for at least ten years. Successfully avoiding weddings, babies and real estate and considering the content of the pages that follow, not all my shots are of tall ships. Another large portion of my work comes from riding motorbcycles around Australia. This provided an enormous opportunity to assemble quite a large volume of stock, covering a vast array of subject material. Then eventually with the aid of sail, travel extended to far beyond the Australian shore. Material gathered from all these journeys make up the subject matter of a private collection of photographic stock of roughly around the 220,000 mark.
Sailing first appeared on the scene in 1986 with an opportunity to crew on a yacht in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Tall ship experience arrived in1990 with the voyage to Malolo Lailai from Norfolk Island on the replica of the Bounty.
A mime artist in the French city of Avion, August 1992.
The original CCS site included the entire text of two short stories and a short editorial about a ship called The Eye of the Wind. As reading huge blocks of text on a computer screen is not really practical for most, these articles have been replaced with abstract versions. If anyone interested in receiving a printed grayscale version of these articles, please let me know as I'm currently exploring options. One may result in a package on a CD containing PDF's of the entire print version in colour.
The South Australian Outback, mid 1984.

As photography is a major component of this site and in order to keep the overall size of the HTML files down to a functional level, I have deliberately stuck with text and the HTML limitations for headings, rather than designing something that looks great in a graphic format. And as with any photographer, writer or artist, copyright is a major concern for any work that is displayed on the net. To help ease this concern, every photograph contains a digital watermark, attached with a Digmarc filter, a component of Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady. This filter adds copyright and authorship information which can be accessed by any interested third party. A creator ID provided to the author of the work on registration with the Digmarc Corporation, is embedded in each image. The ID is linked to a database containing authorship information which also contains contact details such as the authors address, email or phone number.
The most important point I would like to make about copyright however is that when someone steals an image or piece of work from someone else, it is not just that the income of the composing artist may be affected. The spiritual component that comes from the very heart of the artist that ultimately provides the drive, motivation, and so on to produce the work in the first place, is also heavily taxed.
Dawn breaks near Tabulam, Northern New South Wales tablelands, August 1989.
As with the print publication, this web site contains two short articles. Malolo Lailai Bound which is now broken up into two parts to reduce download time and Brooklyn Arrival. As for the future of the Malolo Lailai to Brooklyn and Beyond, there are at least another three to four short stories to write before each will become individual chapters of a complete book. To temporally link these two articles, a short editorial titled The Eye of the Wind which was included in the print version, is also included.
Looking towards the Brooklyn Bridge, deck chairs lie empty on a chilly Winter's evening at Pier 17, New York City, January 1995.
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