Visually impaired users please note that from November 25, 2007, a process to overhaul the entire Outimage website to provide text descriptions of all contained graphic and photographic files was commenced. As this website has been online from February 2001 with new content constantly uploaded since then, the process of adding text descriptions to all graphic and photographic files is huge and this process will take a considerable amount of time to complete. However please note that most of the photographs displayed on many of the pages contained within the website do currently have an associated text caption.

All of the photographic pages usually contain a maximum of 8 photographs, each contained within a 2 column table located within a larger table. With the 2 column table each photograph is contained, 1 column will contain the photograph while the other column will contain the caption. In nearly all cases, the position of the photograph and the caption alternates from left to right as you scroll down a page. The existing captions displayed on all these pages should be accessible to any screen reading program used to provide audio translation information for each photograph.

As progress is made in converting the entire website to provide text descriptions to all graphic and photographic files is made, each graphic will have its own alt-text component that will aim to articulate a more detailed description of the actual visual content. Ultimately this will enhance the existing description provided by the associated text caption and provide a much better browsing experience for visually impaired users.

Please also note that there are links contained within the Outimage website that lead to other websites or pages contained within other websites that may not provide alt-text components to assist the browsing process of visually impaired users. Outimage Publications has no editorial control over any externally linked pages and therefore cannot be held responsible for the absence of compliance in addressing the needs of the visually impaired. Links to any external webpage have been setup so the external page will open up into a new window. This way, you will not loose access to the original Outimage page you had started from.